Your Adventure Begins

Fair Winds Bring You to a
Distant Shore

Far, Far Away in the land of Clash of Clans you sail.  Your ship lands where water from the great sea rolls in peacefully gentle waves onto a sandy beach.   Not far from there you see a beautiful emerald green forest!  A few rocks are the only thing that breaks the peaceful look of this place…

You think these huge boulders look out of place… Until you pass over these rocks!  There you find a well kept base of war!!  It’s only then that you realize that it is only one of many such great war bases!  One after the other has been carved out of the great forest.  Rocks have been moved, great trees have been cut down and huge massive walls built to protect great war machines within!  Smoke and the sounds of hammers ringing on steel echoes off the walls and great buildings.   You want to go inside… but something tells you, that you might not be welcome by those blood thirsty people inside!  You start to back away, when a nice looking, strong, redheaded woman dressed in green and yellow with a large leather bag at her side grabs you by the shoulder…

“Well met Stranger!!! New to these lands?”  She says stepping skillfully around to face you.

“Yes, I just…. ”

“Well then let me show you around!”  She says jerking you up!  You are startled to see ten female archers dressed in green raise up from every boulder around you with their arrows drawn back!

“Welcome to the Clan of Continuum!”  She waves her arm about and all the archers drop their aim of you.

“We are sorry… but at the moment we are at war.  Our spies saw your ship an hour ago… we have to be careful. Here let me show you around.”

You watch as she walks forward and the great gates in the massive walls opens to her.  You’re helped forward by a sharp arrow point hitting you in the back….

“Looks like you are a guest of the King, Seafarer!” A pretty archer says as she pushes you forward again!

clash of clans archers

Walking Through Continuum

You are pushed down a long street past row after row of powerful cannons, mortars. High above archers and wizards look down upon you from watch towers.  Just then you pass a barracks building full of big burly armored men looking over a large map.  One among them looks up at you, scars from countless battles cross his face, his eyes burn into yours making you look away.  You hurry toward the strange red-haired woman.

“That’s Lord General Kor …cross him at your peril.  He is hard at work planning our attack for the upcoming war.  I wouldn’t look too closely at that map if I was you!  Last stranger that did had his eyes plucked out!”  She smiles at you, but there was no mirth there.

You pass by a large site of rockets all pointed skywards and can’t help but notice a large platform built in the center of the square right next to a small castle.  There, talking to a man dressed all in black with his face covered, was a well-dressed man.  He looks up at you with questioning eyes.  He nods to your companion who nods back at him.

“That is our Lord Marshal Ooda. Do not look too closely at him.  He is a man who is cunning at war but even more deadly with his executioners.  You see he does all of the king’s beheading here in Continuum”

You gulp and move forward.  In front of you rises a huge building that looks to be the center of the great town.  It is the main hall…the town hall.  Great wooden doors open as workers move about cleaning and caring for everything in sight.   You pass through those great doors and look up at the wealth all around you…gold, silks and tapestries are everywhere…then you see a young man followed by others walking out in a rush!

“That is the good Prince Ray the Swift.  He is one of our lord king’s sons.  No other has his valor on the field of battle.”   She grins as he passes “and he is cute…to boot!”

You see a fair woman dressed in silver and gold silks step back into a dark hallway.  For a moment you thought you saw someone talking to her.  As you look again she appears to be alone.  She bows her head ever so slightly as you walk by and you’re almost sure you saw her slip something unseen into the folds of her great gown.  You don’t know why but you feel as if your life was just in danger but you can’t be sure why!

The Great Lady.  She handles the kings business, they say.  The king is very busy, but some say the Great Lady is a lady of the Darkness…of the shadows.  Who am I to say, I know this I’m not going to ask her.”

You turn into the main hall.  There, standing beside a table talking to an older man, is a man who is rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

“That man there is one of the king’s master advisors.”  She waves “Hello Lord.”  She says as she moves forward.  “They say he can find any man’s weakness in a moment and that is why we win so many wars!  Many seek his wisdom.”

An Audience With The King

You stumble forward trying to escape the stare of the Lord Advisor and you find yourself standing before the king.  He sits on the other side of the table and looks up.  He has a noble look about him and even though age has taken some of his youth, he still appears powerful.

“Sire… I found this man by the sea!”  Was all your red-haired woman said.

“Awe… I see.  The strange boat we saw?”  He asked.

“The same….”

“Be you friend or foe Sir?!”  The king asks in a flat tone…

“Friend.”  Was all you managed to say.

“Aw, good then!  We are always looking for new leaders.  Lord Advisor give him some land, some builders and for God Sake some ARMOR!!!  The rest you will have to build sir… NOW GO, WE ARE AT WAR MAN!

barbarian king clash of clans continuum

Our Rules

Clan Rules to Abide By

Members of Continuum

Only donate the troops that are asked for.   In war time it is important to remember this rule.

Clan members must donate troops.  Donating troops is something that the king looks for in promotions.

Attack in wars, always!  To miss a war is the fastest way to end up under the Lord Marshal’s beheading axe!

We follow a Warring way here at Clan Continuum.  Follow the war plan and it will lead us all to victory!

On your first attack in any war, we ask that you attack no higher than 2 spots above your suggested war target and no lower than 2 spots below your suggested target.  We do this so that the lower and lesser lords of the clan have a chance to win stars for the Clan.

On your second attack, we asked that you gather stars for the win.  If we don’t win we get almost nothing.  Remember on your last attack you can attack any target with harvesting stars as your goal.

If you are going to miss a war or an attack in war please tell a Co-Leader.  This will protect you and keep you safe from the headman’s axe.

Membership Requirements

  • Mature Adults ONLY

    If you cause drama in the clan chat or will not let things go after people have tried to drop them you might find yourself beheaded without warning!)

  • Available to participate in ALL wars

    If you are going to miss a war or an attack in war please tell a Co-Leader.  This will protect you and keep you safe from the headman’s axe.

  • Respect All Members

    This one speaks for itself.  If you are warned and keep being disrespectful then you will find the Lord Marshal running you out of town on a rail.)

  • Put the good of the clan FIRST

    Following our Clan’s warring ways in war.  Helping donate troops.  Trying your best when all things look bleak!

Our schedule

  • Call To Arms

    War is called at 6 EST.  We do not always find another war right away after a war has ended.  Sometimes because of special events we postpone wars for a day or two.  This will be posted in the Clan News.

  • Responses

    Clan officials will check their clan email everyday but sometimes it might take me a day to get to a FAQ.  Be patient, you will be answered.

  • To War

    Strike down with vengeance and furious anger!

Frequently Asked Questions

All becomes clear.

I see people talking about Lord this and Lady that. Sometimes people call me Sir or Miss. What’s this all about?

Here at Clan Continuum we use Lord and Lady as titles for clan elders.  It is appropriate to refer to an elder as Lord or Lady.  Sir and Miss are used as the title for new members and members who have yet to make elder.  Great Lords and Great Ladies are Co-Leaders and should always be heeded for they speak for the king.  People who have title are protected by the king and will not be beheaded!  Once title is gone, you are no longer under the protection of the king.

I had made clan elder and now I find that I have been demoted. What happened?

You missed a war or other event.  You were disrespectful to a clan member.  Ask and you will be told why.

I was kicked out of the clan or I left for some reason. Can I ever be in the clan again?

Yes, anyone can return after they are kicked.  If, however, you come back bitter or just want to fight or get in your last word.  That is it, you will be kicked again and never…ever be allowed to return.

Our Members

The Officers

Skip the Mighty

Skip the Mighty

Clan Leader

Skip the Mighty is the fearless leader of Continuum. Known to rule with an open mind and a big heart, Skip rules Continuum with a level hand. During his reign as leader, Skip has established the hierarchy that has guided Continuum to growth and prosperity. His love of expensive spirits is matched only by his thirst for Dark Elixir. King Skip has proven time and time again to be fair, just and honest leader.

Ray the Swift

Ray the Swift

Lord Prince of Clan Continuum

Ray the Swift is the Son of the king! He is known for his courage in battle and for attacking any enemy that threatens his homeland! Ray is one of the lead Role players in the Clan... Follow his lead. As a Co-Leader of the Clan, Ray can step into any role that is needed. He is very helpful to new members and can answer for the king in Times of Need!



Lord Marshal

The Axe of the kings executioner is sharp and it see many a neck in this kingdom. The Lord Marshal is the right arm of the king and it is a office not many can handle. He work is bleak and his task is to deal with all of those who for some reason have lost the protection of the King. Some are run out of town tarred and feathers for their behavior. Others are lead to the center of town where they have a public talk with the Lord Marshal or shall I say with his Headsman’s AXE!



Lord General

Kor is a lean, mean, killing machine. King Skip quickly noticed Kor’s understanding of strategy and elevated him to Lord General. Kor is now at the front of the lines in every war, barking orders and ensuring all of our troops are in place. Heed his orders as the last to disobey his commands was impaled with a rusty pitchfork!

The Elders

Alison the Sly

Alison the Sly

Sonia Blade

Sonia Blade






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